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Welcome to our September 11, 2001 Tribute page.  Here you will find a multitude of different items that somehow relate to the tragedy on 09-11-2001.  These were E-mailed to us and we share it here.  Some are serious while others are humorous.  You can save these items to your computer by Right Clicking on the link and saving.  Enjoy. 
    If you wish to submit items for this page, please submit items for consideration to 911Tribute@JMG-Enterprises.com.


  • PowerPoint Presentations -
    Note: For PPS files ... Right click and then "Save As".
      If you need a PowerPoint viewer, then get a FREE viewer from the Microsoft.
    • NYC-ATTACK.PPS - A PowerPoint Show (1.5 MB).  Pictures of the Tragedy.
    • NYC-Shattered.PPS -  A PowerPoint Show (0.75 MB).  More of the damage.
    • NYC-GroundZero.pps -  A PowerPoint Show (2.25 MB).  More of the damage.  A personal perspective from a person that was there to help. 
    • TwinBeamsOfLight.PPS - A PowerPoint Show (0.477 MB).  The World Trade Center Memorial Lights.  Submitted to this site by Daniel Danielson.
      • Download the Sound File (0.457 MB) and place it in the same directory.
      • On 01-26-2009, we received an email from Jean M. (Jay) Feuillet that requested a credential clarification. This PowerPoint presentation was submitted to this site but the originator is Tony Bermani. Jean states, "I redesigned this presentation and made it into a movie that is now on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVaKzfaHmt0".
    • Where_God_Wants_Me.pps - A PowerPoint Show (0.628 MB).  Has a few pictures of the aftermath.  A religious reference.  Sent to us and worth adding to the list.
    • RussiaHonorUSA911.pps -  A PowerPoint Show (1.57 MB).  About the tear drop monument.
  • Other Serious Stuff:
    • GermanShip.PDF - A Portable Document File (278 kb). You will need Adobe Reader if you do not have it.  It is an e-mail from a young ensign aboard the USS Winston Churchill to his parents.  Includes a picture that you must see!
    • A Message From England - No matter what your views on President Bush's statement of the War on Terrorism, this, from an English journalist, is very interesting.  Written by Tony Parsons Daily Mirror September 11, 2002. 

911 Pictures, Cartoons, and other Stuff

Beyond 911
  • HowToPayForWar.jpg - The Mighty Viking S-3B jet with advertisers logos all over it.  Much like race cars.  How we're going to pay for war.

Security Updates

  • Importance: High
    Office Security - Special Bulletin
         We've been notified by Building Security that there have been 4 suspected terrorists working at our office.  Three of the four have been apprehended.  Bin Sleepin, Bin Loafin, and Bin Yakkin have been taken into custody.
         Security advised us that they could find no one fitting the description of the fourth cell member, Bin Workin, in the office.  Police are confident that anyone who looks like he's Bin Workin will be very easy to spot.

No Longer in the News? - June 16, 2010, New York, N.Y., Americans Stand Up Against Radical Islam in New York – We Will Not Submit! Not one major network sent a satellite truck or camera crew to this event. Without bloggers this newsworthy event would have remained unknown to the public and history.  Click here for more!


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