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What is best for you?
The first thing to do is Register your Domain Name before somebody else gets it!  If you already have a Domain Name or need a new Domain Name, JMG Enterprises has a Hosting Plan for you!   If you want to sell on the Internet then the we also offer E-Commerce Packages designed for you - call us to discuss your needs.  Please take a look at our Hosting Plans and decide what is best for you. Please E-Mail us if you have any questions or need more information.

  A Few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I reserve a Domain Name without Domain Hosting?   Yes, you can park a domain name with us until you are ready to get Domain Hosting. If you're online, then you're tuned in, and you know about the domain ordering frenzy. That's right, everyone you know is either ordering a domain, renewing a domain, transferring a domain, selling a domain, or trying to think of the best domain name for their business. Save money with us and get your domain name now before somebody else does!  Once you have a Domain Name, be aware of Domain Slamming.

What is Domain Hosting?   Domain Hosting is the service provided that allows your DOMAIN NAME (i.e. to be forwarded to space on the Internet. It is like an 800 number that is routed to your homepage. There are many options to hosting like the amount of space, the amount of traffic, the number of E-mails, and many more. We are very pleased that the packages we offer contain many included options for a low price.

Is Hosting Internet Access?   No, Domain Hosting usually does not give you access to the Internet. In fact, you do not need Internet access for you to have hosting services for your Domain Name. Internet access is recommended for you to read your e-mail or make updates to your website.

What is a POP E-Mail account?   Post Office Protocol (POP) is a protocol designed to allow single user computers to retrieve electronic mail from a POP server. POP is useful for computers, e.g. mobile or home computers, without a permanent network connection which therefore require a "post office" (the POP server) to hold their mail until they can retrieve it. Basically, they are e-mail accounts on your hosting server.

What does it cost to have a website?  This depends on all of your options but here are the areas that will affect the cost of a website.
  • Domain Name registration:  We suggest that you register a Domain Name   This is just to register your domain name so that no one else can use it.  You can register it and park it until your ready to get Domain Name Hosting.
  • Domain Name Hosting:  Also called Hosting ...  This is where your browser goes when you type in your Domain Name.  This is hosted by a company that leases space to you on their servers for your webpage, e-mail, etc...   There are many different companies offering many different options.
  • Web Design - JMG Enterprises™ does offer Web Design Services for those clients that do not want to spend the time to build their own site - see our web design rates.  We do encourage our clients to build their own site to save money. 
    • If you want JMG Enterprises™ to design your site, here are few things that will help the process to keep the labor hours down:
      • What kind of sites do you like?  Colors?  Layout?  Search the web and let us know what you like.
      • Do you have text for each of your pages?
      • Do you have pictures or will you be purchasing the use of stock photos?
      • Have you worked with an advertising consultant?  Have they made you brochures?  We can start with the graphics that you have approved and purchased from them.
    • E-Commerce:  This is where you are able to use a shopping cart securely.  Most people do not have a need for this option.  Most companies limit the amount of Items that can sell.  See our Hosting Plans for more information.
    • Tech Support - Most of our clients do not need tech support which is reflected in most Hosting Plans.  Beyond this, JMG Enterprises does offer Fee-Based On-Site & Phone Tech support.  See our RATES.
    • Violations of our policies and terms may incur charges for violations.  The following policies may be changed without notice and should be read by those seeking services:

Do it now before somebody else gets it!

Ok, now that you've got the ideas, where do you get the domains registered?  You can register a domain for just one year to promote a time specific or time limited offer, or you can register a domain for up to 10 years if you want to keep it locked into place for a long time. The longer you reserve the domain for, the cheaper your per year cost. You don't have to buy a package or other services, you can simply park your domain until you're ready to use it.

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Register and Park your Domain Name
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Register and Park your
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Hosting Packages with many options!

JMG Enterprises™ offers virtual Domain Hosting - for those individuals or companies that just want a typical Domain site that is not geared to E-Commerce.  Very economical and many benefits are included. This site is priced for those who do not need much technical assistance because you control your site with a browser based control panel.


We also offer Dedicated Servers.  If interested, please call.


JMG Enterprises™
Lewisville, Texas 750

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