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Our Service Rates
Service calls for Home or Business!

Note: Rates may change without notice!


  • Appointment Fee - A $150.00 charge as a minimum fee if no one is present onsite when a technician arrives for service. This fee is applied to the first hour of Service.  Please make arrangements at least 4 hours prior to your appointment if no one will be present.

  • Onsite Service - Regular onsite service rates are rated per hour per service technician ($50 additional per hour after 5:00 PM) unless otherwise specified by JMG Enterprises™.  The Appointment Fee is included in the first hour of service.  

    • Regular Rates for Stand Alone PC's or Peer-to-Peer Networks - $150.00 per hour

    • Client-Server Networks - $150.00 per hour.  Please call for more information.

    • Extended service times (4+ hours in a single visit) are discounted - call for details.

  • Rush/Emergency/Immediate Service - an additional $150.00 charge per incident.

  • Phone Technical Support or Remote Assistance - billed at $75.00 per incident per half hour if problems can be corrected by phone or Remote Assistance.  JMG Enterprises reserves the judgment on phone assistance.  Please have your credit card information ready (Visa and MasterCard only).  Please see the remote support page for more information.

  • Travel Fees - Though we are based in Lewisville, Texas, we do offer on-site services to the entire DFW metroplex and Denton, Texas.  Therefore, we do charge for travel time to certain areas.  These fees are added to our normal rates for extensive travel times per site.  See Service Area Map for any additional Travel Fees.

  • Consulting Fees: JMG Enterprises™ DOES NOT provide Free Consultations.  Consulting fees to discuss your options at your location is at Service Fee Rates list above.

  • Warranty:  Products sold and/or installed during on-site service will usually have a warranty for 7 days unless otherwise specified.  Labor is not included in the parts warranty for on-site service.


  • Rates are different for every client.  One page may be $300, but a site with 5 or more pages will average about $100/per page.  It does depend on the complexity of the pages and the amount of graphics you desire.  Web site design rates are based on hourly labor of $100/hour during the creation phase.   The more information that you supply the less expensive the site becomes.  These rates include the time and effort for:
    • the pre-design meetings (where the price is finalized, consulting fees apply)
    • post checks, modifications, and corrections
    • proper coding for search engines
  • Site maintenance and Shopping Cart maintenance is $100/hour.  Customization is at the programming rate.
  • Custom and Animated graphics are $100 /hour.
  • Maintenance:  After delivery, you may maintain the site or contract with JMG Enterprises for site maintenance.  Please allow at least 3 business days for modifications to be completed.
    • Web Site Maintenance after web page design is billed hourly at a rate of $100.00 per hour.
    • Transfer of Current website to our servers is $100/hour.  This is to transfer current files "as is" and does not included changes that need to be made in Programming scripts.
  • Programming:  Assistance with CGI scripts, ASP, PERL, Java, and other web based programming start at $150/hour.



  • If the above pricing schedule does not apply, you will be notified prior to the start of services.
  • Products are priced on the Affiliate Store links.
    • The Affiliate Stores may be accessed from our site for you to take advantage of special offers and save money by ordering the product yourself. 
    • If you want us to buy the product for you from one of our affiliate stores and/or then deliver the item, then the product will be marked up accordingly for our time and delivery - approximately 20%.
    • Please use our links.  As sales volume increases, we can add more stores to our virtual mall thus increasing the popularity of our site.
  • Information on this page is subject to change as our suppliers modify products, programs, and policies.
  • Please feel free to call us concerning any questions about pricing of products or services.


  • ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE AT TIME OF SERVICE!  JMG Enterprises does not finance - we are not a bank or a credit company.

  • We accept Credit Cards and US Dollar Currency only.  Use of credit cards will incur a 5% charge.  Please add the 5% when you pay online with Credit Cards using the PayPal portal interface.

  • Payments for the sale of tangible items are due when delivered some restrictions apply.

    • A minimum of 90% deposit is required prior to ordering.
    • A 50% restocking fee for any returnable items.
  • NOTE:  Information contained in this web site is subject to change without notice as our suppliers modify products, programs, and policies.

JMG Enterprises™
Lewisville, Texas 750

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with questions or comments about this web site.  This web site has been developed and is maintained exclusively by JMG ENTERPRISES™.  Information contained in this web site is subject to change as our suppliers modify products, programs, and policies.