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Welcome to the Online Support Area.    At this point you should have been instructed to come to this area from one of our technical staff to download two files for PC based technical support.  Sorry, no Macintosh support on this page.  If Fees will apply, you will be notified prior to start of session or you will be notified that continuing will be subject to a fee.


FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT only applies to the services that are provided by JMG Enterprises™.  For example,

  • Domain Hosting:
    • resetting passwords.
    • help on hosting services are posted in the customer area.  You will need your User Login and Password. 
      • The instructions are very detailed.  Calling and asking us to go through the written instructions (account setup, website publishing, etc..) is subject to support fees.
    • Email account problems like email not working or cannot access email account.

FEE BASED SUPPORT:    However, Fees will apply to the following:

  • Support and instruction for any Software, Service, and Hardware support that is not purchased from JMG Enterprises™.  We charge for technical support and consultations.  That is, we will not give technical support for other company services and products for free.  This includes but not limited to:
    • Software such as Microsoft Outlook.  If you are a hosting client, we give you all the settings that you need and we also offer some free online information in our customer area.  Taking time to instruct you on how to setup your software that you purchased from another developer is subject to Fees.
    • How do you design websites?  We offer training for a Fee.
    • How do I change the color in windows?  We offer training for a fee.
  • Technical support questions like but not limited to:
    • diagnosis of problems.  For example, questions like, "What do you think is the problem?
    • How do I install software?
    • What do I need to buy?  This is a consultation.
  • Please see more information on our Policies page in the charges section.

In order for us to help you online:

  1. You must be able to browse the internet.
  2. If you are going to be charged for support, please have your Visa or Mastercard ready.  This information will be collected and verified before session starts.
  3. You will have to download these two files:  (right click and SAVE AS on your computer).
  4. Once downloaded, run the JMG-SUPPORT.exe file and set a password to use.  It has to be no longer than eight characters.  Click OK and it will place an Icon in your System Tray (usually on the lower right of the screen)
    • NOTE:  If you have Internet Security or Windows Firewall running, you may be asked to UNBLOCK or PERMIT this program to run.
  5. Right Click that Icon in your System tray and Choose ADD CLIENT.  Then type in the IP address or Server Name as instructed to do so.
  6. When the session is complete, you can delete the files if you wish to do after you reboot your computer.  Note that the program will not run unless you run it.  You can save it for future use.

JMG Enterprises™
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with questions or comments about this web site.  This web site has been developed and is maintained exclusively by JMG ENTERPRISES™.  Information contained in this web site is subject to change as our suppliers modify products, programs, and policies.